Deep Tree Life Coaching

Leonie Cridland

In the same way that sporting coaches work with athletes to achieve greatness in their field, a life coach works with you to achieve success in life, business, relationships and more.

This is a positive, action oriented process aimed at discovering and developing strengths and abilities to achieve goals with achievable and measurable outcomes.

For individuals, coaching covers a range of personal development areas such as change, life cycles, relationships and career. In particular, Leonie specialises in Health & Wellness coaching aiming for balance and integrity across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. She also offers lifestyle change and cognitive approaches to managing stress and depression.

Business and workplace coaching can be used for business development, personal growth, team & leadership building as well as conflict management. With over 30 years experience in small and corporate business Leonie has particular skills in business and brand coaching and special insights into the art of balancing business, family and life.

As an experienced speaker and presenter, Leonie also provides talks, workshops and seminars on a range of topics including business, health & wellness, stress management, inspiration and life balance.

Visit Leonie‚Äôs web site , send an email to, phone on 0438767148 or connect via social media.